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Klaus F Hempfling – Body as a Communicator

In my other area of doing coaching and empowerment work, I have horses as facilitators. They work with their human partners to help them discover what’s “inside”. In this video, Klaus explores his philosophy of the body as a manifestation of the soul. In my Unbridling Your Brilliance programs, our horse facilitators help their human partners reveal the ways their body speaks to the world. The language of the body may be too subtle for human senses but horses pick up on it immediately – and give us instant feedback on it. It’s a wonderfully experiential and intimate way to reveal your hesitation, fears, insecurities…yet at the same time gives participants a safe way to explore their leadership skills and self-esteem and really build it from within.


Klaus F Hempfling: Healing Aggressive Stallion

Klaus F Hempfling , like myself, uses energies, read cues to work with horses in an intuitive and non-aggressive way. He’s based in Europe where he has a wide range of programming, for horses and humans!

Check out his website for more information on his work:

In his words…

“The author of ‘Dancing With Horses’ teaches the principles of primal life, against the background of both the mythological and the real horse. He emphasizes the importance of totally honest self-assessment and self-knowledge and both mental and physical self-control, demonstrating how a misplaced or misunderstood feeling, glance, posture, attitude or movement can make the difference between success and failure in the relationship with a horse.'”

In this great video, a beautiful dance of healing relationship where man is working with the horse from the inside out.  Staying clear in his intention to be unconditional and accepting in whatever shows up in front of him.

Equine Inspiration!

Honza Bláha – Open Borders

Sometimes all it takes is a video like the one you are about to watch to remind you why you keep trying to reach that place of perfect connection with your horses.

We can all achieve this.

Click on the link below to watch…

Open Borders- Honza Blaha

Why Natural Horsemanship Works

Natural horsemanship works because it recognizes that it is easier for a horse to understand what we want them to do if we communicate to them in a language they already understand, rather than attempting to teach them our language.

The eye is the window of the soul

is a method of teaching and interacting with horses based on trust, respect and communication, in a language the horse can understand, rather than using fear, intimidation and mechanical devices. Read the rest of this entry »


Just like us, our horses get unbalanced. The typical way of noticing this is to assess their physical conformation or bio-mechanics, however I am referring to something much more powerful. I am referring to their emotions. By combining both Tellington-touch™, the work of Margrit Coates, Healing for Horses, Acupressure, and an intuitive sense of where these imbalances might be, it is amazing to see the incredible release that a horse can feel instantly.


Horses have an energy system just like us known as the Chakras, and just like us this system can become unbalanced and blocked. Blockages may present as aberrant emotions like anger, sadness, anxiety, lethargy – things you may not be used to seeing in your horse.Did you know that your horse’s heart chakra actually has four distinct points? To locate the heart chakra, place one hand gently just behind the withers, and one hand on the front of the chest in the flesh part. You now have located a direct line between two of the points.

While gently standing with your horse, bend your knees slightly, soften your eyes, bring your shoulders down and allow your breath to flow into your belly. Say these words “I love you and I will always be with you. It is okay to release whatever you are carrying, whether mine or yours.”

Horses are extremely empathic animals. They have a very strong and finely tuned sensing device. It is what has allowed them to still be with us after all these years. It keeps them safe. The down side of this sensing means that horses pick up things that humans miss.
Research tells us that horses see in pictures, and so the slightest change to the environment will be noticed by them. This may also be true for their ability to sense emotions. If we can keep ourselves balanced emotionally, we will be doing a world of good for our 4-legged friends.
Use the simple practice identified above, and you will see improvement both within yourself and your horse.

Give your horse the gift of healing today, and write back and let me know how it went (or even book a session with me so that I can help you learn how to do this most effectively on your own)

Here is what one person recently said about their Emotional Balancing Session I provided to their horse.

“Before Linda-Ann came to work with me and my horse, I was at a complete loss. I was experiencing a great deal of aggression and anxiety that was uncharacteristic of my horse, to the point where she was becoming unsafe. Linda-Ann easily deciphered what I can do to relieve the cause of this stress on her, but even more so she showed how I can change my life for the benefit of both us. As a fellow healer, I believe Linda-Ann’s wisdom and intuition are inimitable, and are a huge benefit to anyone in the human or horse world.” Katherine

Contact or call (604) 889-4452.

Linda-Ann Bowling

Master Intuitive Coach and Healer



Horse Psychology

Here is a great article & fantastic video clip on Human vs Horse Psychology from one of my favourite sites


Article written by: Elaine Polny



Let’s first define what horse psychology is. It is the scientific study of the horse’s mind and its functions. Encompassing the mental characteristics or attitude of the species.

This field of study is growing so we may discover better ways to communicate and care for them. The best way to understand any animal is not through domesticated study but through field studies in the animal’s natural environment. It is in the wild where horse psychology has given birth to new concepts of understanding.

To best understand horse psychology it is best to first understand herd behavior. Horses are a herd animal and of the flight kind. They also live by a pecking order or hierarchy social order. Their first instinct to danger is to Read the rest of this entry »



The first step to building a strong relationship with your horse is to understand why he is the way he is, what makes him react the way he does and basically- how the world looks from his eyes. A horse is not a human and to try applying the rules that govern our human society to the equine world is not only foolhardy and dangerous, but it is also cruel.

It may not make sense to us why he does some of the things he does, but to him it makes perfect sense. This is why we need to understand horse psychology in order understand our horse and once we understand him, maybe then and only then can we begin to teach and train him.

Today we will begin to explain the dynamic that is the horse and his herd.

Understanding Horse Behaviour

Horses originally lived on wide open plains and would Read the rest of this entry »

Some Inspiration…

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration…to see just what is possible when it comes to our relationship with our horses. Not all of us are going to be master trainers or world reknown natural horsemen, but we CAN all have a clear, honest and loving relationship with our horse.

This is a collection of videos that I find inspiring…

Honza Bláha & Gaston

Jean François-Pignon

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling & Janoch

Alexand?r Nevzorov- Haute Ecole

Special DVD Preview…Horsemanship from the Heart

Christa Miremadi, creator of Horsemanship from the Heart and professional photographer, Kristina Belkina, are in the process of putting together a DVD to help exlpain what Horsemanship from the Heart is…

It will be filled with Read the rest of this entry »

Finding your feel

 By Christa Miramadi

*Note from Faye- I really enjoyed this article from Christa and thought I would share it with everyone. Enjoy!*

A Personal Connection …

Developing a feel is not something that happens overnight.  It’s not something that you can read about in a book and “get” and it’s not something that you can pay someone to find for you.  It’s a personal connection between you and the horse you’re riding and developing this feel takes patience, practice and dedication but in no way is it some impossible aspiration.  Anyone can develop a feel if they try.

What is a feel anyway? Read the rest of this entry »