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Klaus F Hempfling: Healing Aggressive Stallion

Klaus F Hempfling , like myself, uses energies, read cues to work with horses in an intuitive and non-aggressive way. He’s based in Europe where he has a wide range of programming, for horses and humans!

Check out his website for more information on his work:

In his words…

“The author of ‘Dancing With Horses’ teaches the principles of primal life, against the background of both the mythological and the real horse. He emphasizes the importance of totally honest self-assessment and self-knowledge and both mental and physical self-control, demonstrating how a misplaced or misunderstood feeling, glance, posture, attitude or movement can make the difference between success and failure in the relationship with a horse.'”

In this great video, a beautiful dance of healing relationship where man is working with the horse from the inside out.  Staying clear in his intention to be unconditional and accepting in whatever shows up in front of him.

Intuitive Horse Reading

Meet us at the Lower Mainland Quarter Horse show today and book your intuitive horse reading.  This session with Linda-Ann can be conducted in-person with your horse or over the phone.

These readings will reveal your horse’s dominant emotional and energetic state, any areas that he or she might be anxious about, and other horse messages.

The power of this information will allow you to understand and tune into the areas that your horse wants you to focus on.  This will give you tools to begin listening to the messages on an ongoing basis.

See you today at 

Thunderbird Equestrian Show Park
24550-72nd Ave. Langley BC.

Time: 9 am – 5 pm

For more information visit: Annual Bazaar and Country Fair