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The Inspiration behind it all…


Prince of Light

Dedicated to the strength & courage of Prince of Light who passed at 2:30pm on the 2 June 2011.

Like the mighty oak tree you stood guard over each of us – never faltering with your watchful heart. A sudden sound, something slightly out of place and your vigilance became ever apparent. You were more than a horse to me. When you stepped off Kevan’s trailer only a few short years ago, you instantly owned Healing Heart Sanctuary and my heart.

Thank you for giving me and so many other women, your gift of grace, purity and absolute unconditional love.



Melody Joy

Dedicated to the grace and beauty of my beloved mare, Melody Joy (MJ) who passed at 8:15 am on January 21st, 2010.

MJ taught me how joy and sadness can live together and to honour these incredible emotions. She helped many women come to terms with their own sadness, to release and rejuvenate themselves as they step out into the world.

“Because of you this site was born and you will continue to be a soulful influence on horse’s around the world. MJ, my girlie, girl, you will live in my heart forever — thank you for your gifts to the world! I miss our heart hugs each morning!!” – Linda-Ann


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