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Archive for the ‘Humourous’ Category

A Mid-week Chuckle

I would like to begin an “Equine Glossary” soon since there are literally 1000’s of equine related words, (both slang and actual) that we as horse-owners hear and use every day. Even after owning horses practically my whole life I still hear words now and then that I dont know!

Before we do that however, I would like to share a more humourous side of the Equine Glossary with you…please note that these definitions are only meant to entertain not inform…;-)

A popular, social gathering where you can change a horse from a financial liability into a liquid asset.
Azoturia (Monday Morning Disease)
a condition brought on by showing horses all weekend. Symptoms include the feeling of dread at having to get out of bed on Mondays and go to work.
Barn Sour
An affliction common to horse people in northern climates during the winter months. Trudging through deep snow, pushing wheelbarrows through snow and beating out frozen water buckets tend to bring on this condition rapidly.
Big Name Trainer
Cult Leader: Horse owners follow them blindly, will gladly sell their homes, spend their children’s college funds and Read the rest of this entry »