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Five Ways to Impress Your Horse…Emotionally

Reference: This article originally appeared in the Riva’s Remedies newsletter.

1. Be emotionally fit

Don’t allow your horse to push your buttons, raise your blood pressure; make you yell or cause you to lose your temper. Horses are fully aware of your emotional state at all times and some of them have complete mastery over your reactions. They’re in control; you’re out of control. Every time you become unglued they win and you lose. It’s a life lesson for everything you do – let them teach you well.

2. Communicate with your horse

If your horse is showing signs of impatience, un-cooperation and irritability seek out the underlying cause be it physical, emotional and/or spiritual. Too many times it’s blamed on attitude but attitude always has a reason. Horses, like all sentient beings need to be listened to – on all levels!

3. Know what fun is

All horses have a big play drive which motivates much of their behavior. If you don’t have a sense of humour you will not only misinterpret their actions but you will miss out on a lot of fun and adventure. Smile at everything they do whether it is desired behavior or not. Then play with them.

4. Just be

Horses spend the majority of their time “hanging out” with the herd. Since they see you as a herd member (albeit with two legs, bare skin and weird body coverings) they rightfully expect you to you to be a “being”, not a “doing”. Spend quality time with them with no demands, no commands and no tasks.  “To be” is a state of mind that horses clearly understand.

5. Raise your consciousness

Know that horses are divine beings but are also driven by biological instincts and urges which can cause them to be unkind and inconsiderate to their herd members at times, including you. The Animal Kingdom is not perfect. Surprise them by setting your intention to change their behaviour from negative to positive and then show them ways to bring out their goodness by raising their vibration…and yours.



Just like us, our horses get unbalanced. The typical way of noticing this is to assess their physical conformation or bio-mechanics, however I am referring to something much more powerful. I am referring to their emotions. By combining both Tellington-touch™, the work of Margrit Coates, Healing for Horses, Acupressure, and an intuitive sense of where these imbalances might be, it is amazing to see the incredible release that a horse can feel instantly.


Horses have an energy system just like us known as the Chakras, and just like us this system can become unbalanced and blocked. Blockages may present as aberrant emotions like anger, sadness, anxiety, lethargy – things you may not be used to seeing in your horse.Did you know that your horse’s heart chakra actually has four distinct points? To locate the heart chakra, place one hand gently just behind the withers, and one hand on the front of the chest in the flesh part. You now have located a direct line between two of the points.

While gently standing with your horse, bend your knees slightly, soften your eyes, bring your shoulders down and allow your breath to flow into your belly. Say these words “I love you and I will always be with you. It is okay to release whatever you are carrying, whether mine or yours.”

Horses are extremely empathic animals. They have a very strong and finely tuned sensing device. It is what has allowed them to still be with us after all these years. It keeps them safe. The down side of this sensing means that horses pick up things that humans miss.
Research tells us that horses see in pictures, and so the slightest change to the environment will be noticed by them. This may also be true for their ability to sense emotions. If we can keep ourselves balanced emotionally, we will be doing a world of good for our 4-legged friends.
Use the simple practice identified above, and you will see improvement both within yourself and your horse.

Give your horse the gift of healing today, and write back and let me know how it went (or even book a session with me so that I can help you learn how to do this most effectively on your own)

Here is what one person recently said about their Emotional Balancing Session I provided to their horse.

“Before Linda-Ann came to work with me and my horse, I was at a complete loss. I was experiencing a great deal of aggression and anxiety that was uncharacteristic of my horse, to the point where she was becoming unsafe. Linda-Ann easily deciphered what I can do to relieve the cause of this stress on her, but even more so she showed how I can change my life for the benefit of both us. As a fellow healer, I believe Linda-Ann’s wisdom and intuition are inimitable, and are a huge benefit to anyone in the human or horse world.” Katherine

Contact or call (604) 889-4452.

Linda-Ann Bowling

Master Intuitive Coach and Healer



Are Your Horse’s Emotions Making Him Sick?

Article by: Madalyn Ward, DVM

Are Your Horse’s Emotions Making Him Sick?

Do you ever wonder what your horse is really thinking? Is he happy, sad, frustrated, or angry? Or are suppressed emotions affecting him in a negative way?

It is often at that moment in training when we feel we have finally convinced our horse to see things our way that the real problems start for your horse. As long as a horse is free to express who he really is he is happy, but when he is forced to adapt totally to his person’s agenda his physical and emotional health may suffer.

Suppressed Emotions = Sickness
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a term for the state brought on by suppressed emotions. It is called Liver Qi Stagnation. In TCM, the Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi, or life energy, in the body. Suppressed emotions, such as grief, anger, jealousy, or resentment over time can cause this Qi circulation to be blocked.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that a horse doesn’t have to behave or should never be asked to do something he doesn’t want to do. What I am saying that is we should honor the horse’s temperament, and meet his emotional and physical needs as much as possible.

What Does Liver Qu Stagnation Look Like?
So what does Liver Qi Stagnation look like and how can it be avoided? It can look different in different horse temperaments and have many causes. Here’s how it looks in each of the five Horse Harmony Temperament Types.

Fire Horse
In the emotional Fire horse quality time spent with his or her person is very important. Liver Qi Stagnation is often brought on by feelings of abandonment or jealousy. In the Fire horse mare, symptoms often show up as hormone imbalances and painful ovulations. Cystic ovaries can develop causing severe pain and tightness in the ribcage. Fire horse gelding are less likely to be hormonal but can still have tightness in the ribcage which affects their ability to be supple.

Earth Horse
The Earth horse likes food and attention. He is not overly ambitious and prefers his world to be orderly and relaxed. Excessive pressure from a heavy training or show schedule can shift the Earth horse into Liver Qi Stagnation. Digestive upset is often the result and indigestion, stomach ulcers, or diarrhea can become chronic.

Metal Horse
The Metal horse does best with a steady job and he is happy to do hard, satisfying work. Learning too many news things at once can confuse a Metal horse, especially if he does not understand exactly what he is being asked to do. Liver Qi Stagnation in the Metal horse often shows up as diaphragm issues. He may hold his breath, especially when being saddled, and become braced when being ridden. If a Metal horse is forced through his brace, he may react by bucking. He is not trying to misbehave but finds this is only avenue to release his tension. Other efforts to release the tightness in his diaphragm include repeated sighing and even hiccups.

Water Horse
The Water horse is also emotional but seeks safety over affection. A Water horse also releases tension by moving his feet. If movement is taken away from the Water horse he can become overly reactive. If punished for his reaction he can suppress his emotions and become depressed, moody, and unpredictable. Trust is critical for the Water horse and until he can regain his confidence and believe that he will not be hurt or frightened, he will not work to his potential.

Wood Horse
The Wood horse wants excitement in his life. He loves to learn new things and be challenged in his work. When the Wood horse is chronically bored he can quickly go into Liver Qi Stagnation. This will look like tension and overall tightness. Riding a Wood horse that is in a stagnant state can feel like sitting on a keg of dynamite.

How to Avoid “Emotional” Sickness in Your Horse

Avoiding the conditions that lead to Liver Qi Stagnation, or “emotional” sickness, is the very best approach, but not always possible. The flower essence called Life Changes can help the horse deal with past experiences and let go of old suppressed emotions. Unfortunately, palliation of symptoms may be needed when less than perfect conditions are unavoidable. Feeding according to the temperament type can go a long way in supporting the horse. Specific feeding directions for specific issues are discussed in the Five Element Feeding Guide.

Based on my experience, I have come to believe the emotions of the horse do affect his health much more than we realize. This is why our best feeding programs sometimes fall short in preventing health issues, but nutrition and certain herbal products do help and should be used when needed to keep the horse as healthy as possible.

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Natural Care for Horses

Thank you to all who attended the Lower Mainland Quarter Horse Association Bazaar, and to those of you who made it to our booth.  I look forward to providing the intuitive horse reading sessions and helping you learn more about what your horses want from you and what you can do for them.

Our website and blog will start to fill up quickly with some amazing natural care practitioners.  Faye and I have made quite a list of areas we want to research and then provide this information to you.

If there is anything in particular you would like us to look for on your behalf, please let us know.

In the meantime, keep listening quietly to your horses.  They have much to say.


Intuitive Horse Reading

Meet us at the Lower Mainland Quarter Horse show today and book your intuitive horse reading.  This session with Linda-Ann can be conducted in-person with your horse or over the phone.

These readings will reveal your horse’s dominant emotional and energetic state, any areas that he or she might be anxious about, and other horse messages.

The power of this information will allow you to understand and tune into the areas that your horse wants you to focus on.  This will give you tools to begin listening to the messages on an ongoing basis.

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Time: 9 am – 5 pm

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It is our goal to give you timely information, recommendations on holistic healing methods, and put you in touch with natural horsecare practitioners who can answer your questions.  We will publish articles, conduct interviews, research various healing methods and share some of our own experiences in horse health and wellness.

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