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Change and Horses don’t always mix – Equine Accupressure Can Help

Many horses don’t take kindly to any type of change. They are hardwired to be rather disgruntled with changing facilities, moving in with new horses, traveling cross country to a show, or even something different in their paddock. This reaction to change has to do with herd behavior and survival.

Herd structure is essential to equine survival and every horse knows it.  Every horse knows his place and, for the most part, wants to keep peace within the herd. It’s the herd that protects the individual horse and it’s the individual horse that’s responsible for maintaining the integrity and strength of the herd. Even when traveling 20-30 miles in a day, knowing their place gives them a sense of safety. Take a horse’s sense of safety away and he will feel vulnerable, fearful, and self-protective.

Some horses seem to manage change easily while others react badly when there’s even a minor routine change because he feels threatened. This can lead to behavior issues, dangerous situations, as well physical reactions such as colic. As a prey animal, a horse’s reaction to a threat is to take flight and we all know what can happen then – “Not Good,” as we say in Chinese medicine.

Adjusting to Change
An equine acupressure session can help restore a sense of well-being when a horse is faced with change. And, acupressure offers the added benefit of helping you bond with the horse, which gives the horse a greater sense of safety.

The acupressure points, also called “acupoints,” given on the chart below were selected to help a horse adjust to  change by calming his spirit, providing a sense of grounding, enhancing his self-confidence, and creating a harmonious flow of chi, live-promoting energy, throughout his body.

By offering this equine acupressure session every third day, you can give your horse the gift of comfort and safety when he feels threatened by change or anything else, for that matter.


Equine Accupressure – Adjusting to Changes


J&M Acres Horse Rescue

Ive been following J&M Acres Horse Rescue on Facebook for about 6 months now. They are based in Maple Ridge, BC and have been running the rescue for  over 15 years. The have successfully saved and re-homed literally hundreds of horses. All breeds, all ages.

Dozer- Successfully Adopted!

Horse rescue is something very close to my heart. We live in a ‘throw-away’ society and horses are suffering daily because of this. Overbreeding, neglect, poor economy, abuse & ignorance  have left us with thousands and thousands of unwanted horses that get shipped off to slaughter in Alberta every week.

Id like to raise the awareness off this local Horse Rescue Centre so that through our support, donations, adoptions & even just word of mouth, we can personally help save one more horse…

Please visit to read more about the Rescue & the people who dedicate their lives to helping these horses.

They also have a YouTube Channel:

You can also follow them on FaceBook:!/JMAcresRescue

They have several beautiful, loving horses looking for forever homes right now. Please do visit their site and see how you can help!!