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Welcome to the Launch of our New Website and Blog!

The vision for our website and blog is to connect each of you with the information you want to help your horse(s) live an extraordinary life. 

This website and blog was inspired by the passing of my beautiful mare, Melody Joy, A Song of the Soul who left the earth on January 21, 2010.  She asked us to help each of you who provides love and care to her herdmates, and so this site has now come alive!

It is our goal to give you timely information, recommendations on holistic healing methods, and put you in touch with natural horsecare practitioners who can answer your questions.  We will publish articles, conduct interviews, research various healing methods and share some of our own experiences in horse health and wellness.

Our founders, Linda-Ann and Faye will continue to search out the latest and greatest ways of giving our horses the lives they deserve.

In the meantime, please do click on the link for your fr*e gift, and subscribe to our blog.  That way you won’t miss out on any of the words of wisdom that this site will publish.  Your fr*e gift was provided by working with many horses over the past few years.  This is what they truly want you to know, and to begin to practice with each of them. 

We are VERY excited about launching this site.  Please keep in touch with us and let us know what you want to see us research and provide to you and your horse!

Our sister site will provide information on women’s empowerment programs so don’t miss signing up for our newsletter.

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