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MARGRIT COATES- Introduction to Healing for Horses

Magrit Coates & Oliver

This past weekend’s workshop with world reknown animal Healer & Communicator, Magrit Coates, was a fantastic success. We spent 2 full days learning from Margrit’s vast experience and wisdom. Our August newsletter will feature more information on how the weekend went, so today I want to focus and give a background on what exactly “healing” is…

*All information below is from Margrit Coates website Please visit her site from more information.

Horse Healing

What sort of horses need healing?
All horses can benefit from hands on healing and which you can give yourself. Any horse which has been traumatised in the past (for example through injury , accident, illness, bad handling, abuse, neglect etc) no matter how long ago, can benefit, as healing aims to restore balance top the energy field and discharge negative energy.

Disturbed energy can lead to disease and disorder and all physical illness will have an emotional element to it. Pain and stress are very upsetting for a horse and lead to, so-called, behavioural problems.

Healing and communication is not horse whispering – it is more powerful
Hands on healing, and communicating with horses, is not horse whispering because it works through unseen energies. Healing is a communication energy that you can connect with, which works deeply with your equine using soul language to rebalance and harmonise the energy field .

You can use healing energy for physical as well as behavioural problems and it is the only complementary medicine therapy that can discharge whole body/mind/emotion negative energy to create harmony from chaos.

Horses, ponies and donkeys cannot cry to express emotion but the healing described in my books has been used by many people with dramatic effect to help equines with emotional conditions to feel better about life.

Working alongside other holistic animal professionals
I am finding that Vets are becoming increasingly open to the benefits of healing, which helps the horse or pony on as deep a level as possible, and which also helps the animal to communicate where the problem is.

 Many vets are exploring energy medicine as they seek to help the animal on the deepest possible level. For this reason I regularly demonstrate my work to vets and other animal healthcare professionals, and vets often come on my workshops.

Magrit's Book- Healing for Horses

Healing for Horses – the book by Magrit

In this groundbreaking book Healing for Horsesthe essential guide to using healing energy with horses I explain what healing for horses means and how it works, also how you can easily do it yourself . Healing for horses is a practical guide on how you can learn the skill of hands on healing, where and when you should do it, along with helpful do’s and don’ts.

The book is very informative and intended to help you improve your rapport with horses and to get the best out of them. I believe that all of us can channel healing energy form the universe for the good of the horses and other animals, as well as the people in their lives. All that is needed is love, good intent and the desire to help. This book explains all this for you to read in a very easy to understand way.

Anyone can give their horse healing and communicate with him or her
We can all help a horse or pony with healing – all we have to do is want to help and have our heart and mind tuned into the horse’s energy field, to link with the universal source of healing energy.

Healing allows us to become animal communicators through the very special information that we can pick up with our hand and minds, as we give the healing. We can all be animal healers and communicators – that innate ability lies in each of us.

Problems with Horses
If you have any concern whatsoever with a horse or pony please ask your vet to eliminate pain, illness or disease because all of these can cause a change in behaviour, attitude and schooling problems. Saddle, back teeth and feet should also be checked by qualified practitioners.

Advice from trainers/instructors should only be given after you have sought expert advice that your horse is not trying to tell you that he/she is in pain or sick. More work or continuing work aggravates any underlying illness, disease or pain and the root problem needs identifying first.


You can buy Magrit’s Book ‘Healing for Horses’ on Click on the link-  Healing for Horses

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