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Kidney Care Pt 2

We return with the second part of Madalyn Ward’s guide to kidney care:

Healthy Kidneys mean:

  • Strong vitality
  • Healthy bones and teeth
  • A balanced nervous system
  • Strong will power and focus
  • Healthy metabolism

Weak Kidneys manifest as:

  • Poor vitality
  • Weak bones and teeth
  • Weakness in the lower back and limbs
  • Nervousness
  • Fluid imbalances leading to stocking up or fluid in the lungs
  • Weak metabolism, assimilation problems and insulin resistance

Kidney Weakness

Kidney weakness can occur with weak genetics, inadequate nutrition, old age, chronic blood loss, hot, dry weather or excessive work that depletes body fluids through sweating. Stress, chronic anxiety and worry will also deplete the Kidney Essence. Breeding young healthy horses is the best way to create foals with good Kidney Qi. Good nutrition throughout life will guarantee the Qi  is replenished on a regular basis. Alfalfa is one of the best horse feeds for kidney support. Barley is a excellent choice if grain is needed and kelp offered free choice is a good choice for a supplement.

Stresses for the Kidneys include:

  • Poor genetics
  • Inadequate nutrition
  • Old age
  • Chronic blood loss
  • Hot, dry weather or excessive sweating
  • Chronic stress, anxiety and worry

Support for healthy Kidneys include:

  • Breeding young healthy horses to pass on good Kidney Qi to the foals
  • Good nutrition including alfalfa hay, barley and free choice kelp

Supporting the Kidney

The most common kidney patterns I see are congestion which shows up as stocking up in the legs, bloating in the abdomen and soreness in the lower back. If the horse is not already getting horse feeds to support the kidney I will add those and add a mild diuretic herb such as dandelion leaf or uvi ursa. I look at acupressure points GV4 to strengthen the Gate of Vitality, BL 23 to support Kidney Yang, and SP 6 to clear dampness. If there are any signs of fluid buildup in the lungs, such as a moist cough, I will add BL 13 and LU 7.

The other kidney pattern which I have been seeing more since we are in a severe drought pattern is Kidney Yin deficiency leading to heat signs such as dark, scanty urine, lower back soreness, dry manure and restlessness. Some horses will even seem and bit feverish in the late afternoon. In addition to the horse feeds for kidney support I start aloe vera juice and marshmallow root to build Kidney Yin and sooth the kidneys. I treat acupressure points KI 3 to tonify the Kidneys, KI 6 to support Kidney Yin, and CV 4 to support Kidney Yin and calm the mind.

A horse can’t be healthy without healthy Kidneys. Since the Kidneys supply to Fire(Yang) and Water(Yin) for all the metabolism they must be treated along with any system that is not functioning up to par. A good holistic horse care program including whole foods and natural management will usually support healthy Kidneys, but be alert for symptoms of Kidney imbalance.

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