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Horse as Teacher
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Horses and the Elements

What is Equine-ality™?

  • Equine-ality™ is a subjective assessment of the possible dominant traits of your horse. This assessment of your horse’s underlying spirit is done using the 4 Elements and was developed by Linda-Ann, Horse Whisperer and Intuitive Healer.
  • Equine-ality can give you insight into your horse’s behavioural problems and help you understand your horse’s personality
  • Good day and bad day behaviours and moods may differ from these dominant traits

Take the Equine-Ality™ Assessment
and discover the gift behind the elements.

Equine-Ality™ Assessment – $19.95 + GST

How will this assessment help?

  • Your will find out  why your horse is yelling rather than whispering (and with this knowledge you the tools to prevent behavioural problems such as kicking, bucking and rearing)
  • You will learn ways to keep your horse stimulated and motivated making him/her “want” to be with you and learn from you
  • It will help you remove the obstacles in how you communicate with each other on the ground and in the saddle using organic horsemanship.


“I just want to thank you so much for explaining why my horse is who he is. I am amazed actually with the accuracy of your description of his personality. I have always noticed these traits in him, but didn’t understand why he would do
some of the things that he does.

We have shared many frustrating times together but are making progress, albeit slowly. I do seek his trust and respect but he is a complicated fellow at times, I loved your analogy of the ADD child. He is like that at times, or what I would think an ADD child might be like.

Things can be going quite well, then suddenly take a negative turn, which both frustrates and terrifies me at times. I believe that he knows how powerful he can be, sadly he has gotten away with it, what I mean by that, is that it has worked for him, he gets big and threatening and people leave him alone.

I realize that I have to become a stronger better leader for him which I am always working on. Thank you again for taking the time to listen to me.”


Take the Equine-Ality™ Assessment
and discover the gift behind the elements.

Equine-Ality™ Assessment – $19.95 + GST

Please note this is not a diagnostic or training tool and is based solely in your perception of your horse.

Linda-Ann Bowling
Langley, British Columbia