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Today I stumbed across a wonderful video clip on YouTube that I simply have to share with you…Do enlarge the video window- this is worth seeing in Full Screen! (button in bottom right hand corner)

Scroll down below the clip to find out more about these beautiful horses and what they do!! There is also a 2nd clip right at the end of this article.


HORSE DREAM’s Founders

HorseDream is a German based global working company, founded in 1996 by Gerhard and Karin Krebs at the Lake of Constance.

This following in an insert taken from and tells how HorseDream started… 

By : Gerhard and Karin Krebs

In 1999 we relocated to the middle of Odenwald, a low mountain range near Frankfurt. Since October 2008 we live and work at Gut Klein Nienhagen, close to the Baltic Sea.

With the assistance of our Friesian horses, we offer a regular schedule of open programs, private or corporate sessions can be booked at your convenience.

Gerhard: About our journey to HorseDream

Karin and I had been self-employed since 1983 in the IT-world, working around the clock. In 1989 we decided to go on a riding holiday. I was nearly 40 years old, when I climbed a horse for the first time, and since then, I have not looked back.

We bought our first horse three months later and then the second one. We went through the so called normal German riding education for one year and eventually left this scene because of the treatment of the horses. We continued learning on our own for the next two years.

We read Linda Tellington-Jones, Sally Swift and in 1993 Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling’s „Dancing with Horses“. This book was the key to everything that happened afterwards. We bought two more horses (for our children) and learned more.

The priorities in our daily life had completely changed. Our IT-business- customers were interested in what we did with the horses, too, and instead of inviting them for dinner, we invited them to the horses.

At the end of 1995 one of our employees suffered from stress hormons and wanted to leave the company. We offered her a six months sabbatical, but asked her to come with us to the horses once a week. She agreed, worked with us once a week, without a concrete concept, and three months later she felt fine again to get back into IT-business. This experience was the reason to develop a horse assisted program for corporates.

We started with test seminars with our business friends and their families and went to open market in the beginning of 1998.

From the very first beginning we did nearly everything on our own – with the help of lots of books and with the help of the horses. We did not visit any of the established horse people, not Parelli, not Roberts, not Hempfling (after years of practice we met him twice at his workshops in Denmark, where he collaborated with our partners in Roskilde).

The name of our educational product HorseDream stands for two facets of leadership, management, and personal development:

The Horse is a very present being, very real, living always in the here and now. That makes people, working with horses in Horse Assisted Seminars, learn about 100 % presence, responsibility, self confidence, awareness, and all that is necessary to develop leadership skills.

But the Horse, with its historical and mystical background, is also a Dream. It opens horizons, changes belief systems, empowers people to step out of the box.

So HorseDream means exactly what is needed in modern business life: reality and vision – both concepts are incorporated in this name. Today we and our partners live this dream: to establish Horse Assisted Education as a normal way of further education in companies, organizations and for personal purpose.


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