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Elvis the Cart Pony Makes Amazing Changes

Elvis After

Editor’s Note: This article has been sourced via Riva’s Remedies.

I have a 27 year old pony named Elvis. But in the spring of 2015 my trainer and I decided to retire him as he had gone from being bomb proof on the road pulling a cart three times a week to nine rides in a row that were beyond scary from his constant spooking. If we would have kept going he would have hurt us both. Aside from his increasing bad nerves Elvis was obese no matter what we did or how little we fed him, he had a crested neck, constant gas, was very lethargic, his eyesight was bad and he had bloody white lines in his hooves.

Marijke came out to the farm in late spring and after spending a couple of hours with him she explained that he was insulin resistant and had erratic sugar levels. She assured me that he would be okay and also that his eye sight would likely come back. She formulated a complete program including soaking the hay, feeding all of it in the Nibble Net slow feeders and giving him specific supplements: Pro-Colon probiotics, Blood Sugar Formula (homeopathic), Vitamin B12, Hormone Boost and Happy Horse.

There was immediate improvement in him although he gorged himself on the hay bags at first and I was not allowed to let him run out of hay. I ended up having to put two large hay bags out for him and filling them three times per day. I never thought he would slow down but Marijke assured me again that he would eventually slow down his consumption of hay. It took about two months but he finally slowed down and now he eats normally.


Within two weeks after starting the program he was back hooked up to his cart and the little old man and I were back out. Only one time I did not soak his hay and the next day he was so obviously spooky – like he had been in past – that he backed me into traffic. So I knew it was so very important with him for me to follow the program to a tee to keep his blood sugar levels stable.

Now he has lost all his weight, there is no more gas, he has more energy, there is no more blood in the white line, and most importantly he is really happy. My trainer and I were amazed at the changes in him and I am so so grateful to Marijke and to her assistant Darla who is always such a big help when ordering. My only regret is not listening to Darla and contacting you sooner so I would know exactly what was wrong and what my horses needed. I have told everyone about you and Riva’s Remedies and the people that come here see the difference. I mean the changes in all my horses are truly amazing. I have done a lot of holistic stuff over the years but this is amazing. I want all my animals doing it and I have even started my parrots on the Pro-Colon probiotic!

Thank you again for changing one little old pony’s life!

Denise Aiello


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