Horse as Teacher
Horse as Teacher
Horse As Teacher

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Your One-Stop Horse Resource

Passion for Horses is your horse resource for the organic method of horse training, nutrition, and health care, as well as horse relationship and communication development.

Here you will find resources on everything from how to decipher unusual horse problems, to the latest information on vaccines (or why not to vaccinate your horse). Whether you are looking for general information on horse behaviour or an in-depth walk-through on how to whisper to your horse, you will find it here.

Have a Happier Relationship with Your Horse

Our vision is to give you the resources to create the once-in-a-lifetime connection we all dream of with our horses. We are here to support you while you develop the best relationship possible with your horse.

Learn how to improve horse behaviour through articles, tips, and resources that cover everything from how to deal with horse problems such as horse kicking or horse bucking to improving non-verbal communication with your horse.

Passion for Horses will provide you with information about:

  • Natural horsemanship:
    the “natural way” of being with horses
  • Natural horse training:
    tips to improve horse training or horse problems
  • Horse health & nutrition:
    how to keep your horse healthy and how to do it yourself
  • Horse resources:
    articles, blogs and interviews with experts from around the world
Prince of Light

Prince of Light

“Prince of Light came to me in my dreams many nights as my body broke out in a cold sweat. I could not name the horse, or know where he would come from, but my heart knew he was there waiting…”