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Yoga with Horses- Yet another side to Natural Horsemanship…Part 1

A note from Faye:

Natural Horsemanship is not just about riding without a bit…it is far bigger than that…Natural Horsmanship is a mindset, it is a new way of being with horses. It is developing a  more natural & closer relationship with your horse. It also means exploring alternative therapies that can imporove your horse’s quality of life…

“Yoga with Horses” written by Linda Guanti

Necessity is the mother of invention so They say. Who are They? I don’t know but I must agree in this case. Yoga with horses developed as more of a necessity then an inspiration. It grew in small and very gradual stages.  Firstly I was doing yoga regularly for my own benefit. Stretching, breathing, meditating, strengthening my own body, mind and soul. A chronic back injury was finally being tamed with a combination of Physiotherapy and Yoga. It not only helped my riding but many other aspects of my life too. As my riding abilities improved the athletic demands on my horse increased. My ongoing concern for his well-being made me wonder what I could do to help his body with the stresses of my demands. I realized that if yoga was so good for me it would also be good for my horse.

So how do you get a horse to stretch? I researched. There are quite a few methods of stretching you horse. Some are done while riding, performing certain maneuvers such as half passes and shoulder in/outs. Others can be done from the ground. The horse sometimes needs a little time and practice to figure out what you’re asking of him. It’s a wonderful bonding experience and you start to figure out where your horse is lacking flexibility and may be uncomfortable. It is also a great tool. Knowing more about your horse’s body can help identify problems sooner or avoid them altogether. For instance, if you notice your horse is having trouble with a certain stretch which they are normally comfortable with, then you might consider giving them some rest time and riding them when they seem better. It’s something you might not have noticed if you just jump on and ride all the time.

…Look out for Part 2!!…

A little bit about Linda…

Hi! My name is Linda Guanti.lewis and I

I believe that yoga is for everyone and that even a little can make a big difference.

In my early teens a serious injury left me with chronic health issues and most importantly affected my horse’s life. When I discovered yoga it was life changing. I immediately recognized how well it connected with riding and a horsey lifestyle. Yoga helps us stay physically healthy and able to be with and enjoy horses.

I soon began to understand the equal importance of having your horse be flexible and stretched. So I learned how to help my horse stretch too. Combining yoga and my life with horses seems natural and has proven successful in keeping both myself and my horse healthy and happy.


To learn more about Linda, her horses and about ‘Yoga with Horses’ please visit her website:

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