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Top 10 Items to Take on a Trail Ride

Whether you are riding local trails or in the back country, there are a few essential items you should ALWAYS have with you. One of the easiest ways to carry these items is in a saddle bag.

1  Cellphone– you should keep this on you and not on your horse, in case you get separated (ie fall off!)

Halter & lead rope– so that if you stop you can take off the bridle and allow your horse to graze. Also, this halter/rope combo can be used as a backup bridle should your bridle break.

A first aid kit is an essential piece of equipment to include. It should contain Vet Wrap, duct tape, bandages, a sharp knife, rolled cotton and blood coagulant (such as Wonder Dust). This is the basic supply kit for both horse and human. 

4  Hoof Pick

Easyboots! Even if your horse has been going barefoot and sound for a long time, there are some trails that are just too rough. Always have boots on hand just in case. Nothing ruins a ride faster than being an hour down the trail and suddenly the terrain is rocky and your poor horse is wincing with every step.

Map or Compass– this is mainly for back country riding or big parks with many different trails.

Water Bottle & Snacks– sometimes a ride can take much long than expected, or you are delayed, get lost etc. Having a little snack on hand like trail mix or nut bars is always a good idea.

Rain Jacket – if you live in British Columbia like we do, this is invaluable!

Pocket knife- there is no end to the usefulness of this little item out on the trails!

10  TP– Toilet Paper!!


 And rememeber- ALWAYS tell somebody where you are riding prior to setting off- especially if you are riding alone!!


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