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The Earth Horse Temperament Type

The young Earth horse temperament is born with a willingness to get along and give all he has. The earth horse will often seem to train himself, especially if he is treated with kindness. Earth horses are easy keepers but they love food. A simple diet and moderate work load is best for the Earth horse. Treats will go a long way in assuring their cooperation and excitement about the partnership. With clear boundaries, the Earth horse will respect you and not mug you for food. Over working the Earth horse will destroy his natural good attitude. Earth offers up its fertile bounty when it contains the correct amount of moisture. With too much water you have a muddy, useless piece of land. With too little moisture you get cracked hardpan. Completely waterlogged land can give way and cause severe mudslides. Driven by wind, dry dirt can become a gritty dust storm.

The Earth horse has a tendency to retain too much water in his system. This excess dampness can cause him to be dull and slow. Too much fat and rich food can lead to excess dampness and the health challenges that are related. Stocking up in the legs is a common sign of dampness in the Earth horse. Internal signs of excess dampness include frequent head colds with thick nasal discharge and susceptibility to parasites. If the Earth horse has too little moisture you will see a dry coat and brittle hooves.

The Earth horse is honest and solid and when his giving nature is honored he will be a willing, long term partner. Born wanting to get along, the Earth horse is a great backyard, family horse. His needs are simple, a basic low-carb, low-fat diet and enough good quality forage to support his weight. Treats will make the Earth horse look forward to working for you and if you set boundaries he will not get pushy. Watch for signs of dampness and make adjustments in feeding practices that are appropriate to his temperament.

In essence, if you take care of your Earth horse, he will take care of you.

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