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The Dont’s of Parasite Control: part 2

The following article is an excerpt from Marijke’s new book ‘Healing Horses their Way’. This wonderful book is available at

The Dont’s of Parasite Control

 By Marijke van de Water, B.Sc., DHMS.


What NOT to Do:

 DONT contribute to the parasite mutation problem and the toxic chemical overload by overmedicating. If you must chemically de-worm, keep it to the absolute minimum determined by the fecals and treat your horse with pro-biotics and herbal liver support for one to two weeks after.

DONT chemically de-worm horses that don’t have a parasite problem- this is not appropriate or sensible prevention.

DONT overcrowd your pastures- this breeds parasites and is related to poor overall herd health and immunity.

DONT harrow pastures in warm, wet weather- this merely spreads parasites in a favourable environment and enables larvae to crawl onto the grass. Wait for hot, sunny weather to kill parasites.

DONT spread fresh manure on to the pastures- it must be properly composted first.

DONT expect natural and environmental treatment programs to kill parasites- the goal of both environmental management and internal herbal and nutritional programs is to discourage parasite life cycles and to build immunity and a healthy intestinal tract that does not provide hospitable terrain for parasites to hibernate in or to reproduce in. In this way the cecal eco-system maintains balance.

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