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CREATING CONFIDENCE- The Practical Side of Natural Horsemanship

By Christa Miremadi

Develop more confidence in your horsemanship… with a few practical tips!

How is it that most of the trainers and clinicians out there can make horsemanship look so easy?  Why is it that re-enacting some of the apparently simple exercises is never quite as simple as it looks?  How can you develop the easy-going, quiet, confidence of the pros?

If you’ve ever asked yourself (or anyone else) any of those questions, I have a tip for you.  This could very well be the most important tip you could get and if you take it seriously, I guarantee you, you won’t just come across with more confidence, you’ll be more confident!

Get to know your gear!!

And I mean really get to know it.  Your lead rope, your halter, your carrot stick, whatever it is you use, get to know it like it’s part of you.

There are very specific ways to use your equipment and if used improperly, anything is capable of hurting your horse. Read the rest of this entry »