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Yoga with Horses- Yet another side to Natural Horsemanship…Part 2

A note from Faye:

Natural Horsemanship is not just about riding without a bit…it is far bigger than that…Natural Horsemanship is a mindset, it is a new way of being with horses. It is developing a more natural & closer relationship with your horse. It also means exploring alternative therapies that can improve your horse’s quality of life…

Here is part 2 of ‘Yoga with Horses’ written by Linda Guanti

Now you might be thinking the same thing I was at this point. How can I possible have time to stretch myself, stretch my horse and groom and ride and do barn chores and…? Some details started to get left out…but some started to combine!

Time to pick the horse’s hoof out? Why not throw in a forward bend. That makes 4 forward bends if you do it for each hoof! How about brushing the legs? Why not side lung to the front, then to the back. That’s 2 of each when you go to each side of the horse. Girth’s all done up? Now time to stretch the horse’s legs forward. It’s a stretch in addition to smoothing the skin under the girth area! Want to give you horse a treat? Make him stretch his head to each side to reach it, or down to his chest or between his front legs. This also helps to prevent or deter bad manners. The horse learns Read the rest of this entry »