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A Herbalists View of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Horses

By Robert MacDowell- Herbalist
Most Horse Owners and Trainers nowadays give Vitamins and Minerals to Horses as part of their daily Program.

Since the discovery of Vitamin C and its link with the disease Scurvy explained, we are accustomed to being told by the media and by health authorities that our health will be improved if we take additional Vitamin and Mineral supplements in addition to our normal diets.

We are told that it is something about the modern lifestyle, stress and the denaturing of our soils etc. which means that our food supply is not as good as it was in the “old days”. This is of course true to some extent and we should be doing must more about the quality of our food. We should really be working much harder on Organic and Chemical Free farming than we are doing but until the market provides a greater incentive for so doing, this movement will be slow.

As usual of course, this is not the whole truth. Read the rest of this entry »