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Equine Massage- Anna’s Story Pt 3

So you have decided that maybe your horse would benefit from a massage, but you would like to know what to expect. First, the therapist should take a thorough case history (and in any case where there is a possibility that a massage is contraindicated, the attending veterinarian needs to be contacted first). Next, it is ideal to see the horse move (unless they are on stall rest at the time). It is possible to either lunge the horse, trot it in hand, or tack up and ride. This is especially helpful in situations where the problem is only perceived during certain moments, for example during the left canter lead transition, or lateral work to the right. Next is a hands on assessment during which I gently Read the rest of this entry »

Equine Massage- Anna’s Story Pt 2

So why would someone get their horse massaged? I routinely work on a huge range of horses. Some are retired and their owners do their best ot keep them comfortable. While massage cannot alleviate the joint pain associated with arthritis, it can definitely decrease the muscle tension that eventually develops due to chronic conditions. Some horses are coming back from an injury and the massages are part of a rehabilitative process (with attending veterinarian’s permission and guidance). In these situations the massages help Read the rest of this entry »

Equine Massage – Anna’s Story

I often get asked exactly how I became an Equine Massage Therapist. I have known that I wanted to work with horses for as long as I can remember. Originally I was convinced I wanted to become a veterinarian. I was in the Agricultural Sciences program at UBC and volunteering with veterinarians. This led to the realization that typically horses are not very happy to see the vet. Also, as a vet, you do not typically get to see your clients in very positive situations. Overall, this experience made me realize Read the rest of this entry »