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Natural Horse Care

One of the most natural ways you can care for your horse is to just hang out with them.  Horses are social animals (as we all know), but sometimes we forget that most of them also love hanging out with us.  That is, of course if we have developed a good trusting relationship with them.

Try taking your time when you next go to halter your horse.  Make it their idea by waiting for them to put their nose into the halter.  Use your body to send the messages of invitational intention.  We call this con su permission, with your permission.  If you approach your horse using this “attitude” and body language, they will usually respond by moving into you.  Just stand and patiently wait.  Curiosity will bring them close to you.

Don’t reach out to touch as you normally would, let your horse reach out to say hello to you.  Use the back of your hand when you do reach up to touch your horse.  There is much less energy from this part of your hand than an open palm.

Become a better observer of what makes your horse comfortable and equally notice when he or she is uncomfortable.  Most of us miss the subtle cues.  I have often turned my body sideways to my horse and drawn myself away from him.  The result is the invitation to join and walk with me.  This is a beautiful thing when one doesn’t have to do anything other than create the invitation for join up.

Always remember to bring your breath low into your belly.  This will help your horse also breathe better as they will be more relaxed and your energy will feel more comfortable.

Write back and let us know what you noticed this week!