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Beating Winter Weight Loss

Alexa Linton, Equine Sport Therapist, BSc. KIn

Where does the time go?  Summer is quickly fading, autumn is upon us, and it’s not long before we embark upon another winter season.  As horse owners, this changing of seasons has special significance. 

Not only does it signal the return to blankets, rainy rides and thrush, but many of us are already thinking about how we can keep the weight on our hard-keepers this winter season.   

The summer months on the island are generally good to our horses, with hay aplenty, lush grass, and sunny days that seem to stretch into infinity.  Usually it is all we can do to keep the weight off our horses during the summer months. 

Winter, however, brings cold weather, and although horses are naturally able to tolerate very low temperatures, it is important for you, as the horse owner to be prepared for increased energy use and stress levels, often leading to weight loss.  Read the rest of this entry »