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Shiatsu Massage for Horses- An Introduction

Yvonne Allen- At Ease Horse Care

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning finger pressure. Shi means “”finger”” and atsu means “”pressure””. Shiatsu massage is very similar to acupuncture as it works with the same principles being that certain points on and inside the body if stimulated properly, will have a positive effect on the body’s ability to heal itself and restore health.

Shiatsu is both a gentle and deep form of massage and is a very effective system of holistic health care. During a Shiatsu massage, endorphins are released which suppress pain and regulate the body’s natural response to stress. When endorphins are released it has the effect of a natural analgesic. One of the main focuses of Shiatsu massage is to balance the Ki which is the subtle energy that is present in all life forms.

As with traditional acupuncture, Shiatsu massage is practiced by stimulating acupuncture points from various meridians of the body. The meridians are channels that run throughout the body at various levels of depth. Acu-points carry Ki to and from internal organs which in turn promote healing. When specific acu-points for certain ailments are stimulated, relief and healing will take place. There are twelve primary meridians which are partnered with each other. Of each partnership there is a “”yin”” and a “”yang”” which compliment one another when in balance. The yin organ meridians relate to solid organs while the yang organ meridians relate to hollow organs.

The benefits of Shiatsu massage for horses are many. Shiatsu activates the immune system, maintains suppleness thus reducing the opportunity for injury, assists in maximizing physical potential, stimulates circulation and the nervous system, releases hormones and helps calm the mind. Horses respond very well to this type of massage. While treating a horse it is important to be mentally prepared as with any healing treatment. Observing their body language gives many clues on both their physical and mental state. The sensitivity of the horse is amazing as they often tune into themselves during treatment. For the first couple of sessions the horse may be wary. Within a short period of time they look forward to the release and feelings of well being that Shiatsu massage provides.

Article by Yvonne Allen from At Ease Horse Care. Please visit her wesite for any information.

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