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Flower Essences can offer Emotional Balance for You & Your Horse …

Note from Faye:  Here is another great article from Zoe Dodds about Flower Essences for Horses. I love reading her blog… Enjoy!!

Flower Essences can offer Emotional Balance for You & Your Horse …

By Zoe Dodds

Flower essences have a special place in my heart because of their ability to influence our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I find horses very receptive to flower essences and will usually recommend both horse and rider take them together when seeking to balance any behavioural or emotional issues. This is because very often our horses will mirror or reflect any imbalances or problems we are working on, with both issues we are aware of, and issues we are not.

Dr Edward Bach, an inspirational physician and homeopath, developed flowerremedies in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. Today these remedies are used throughout the world and are widely acknowledged for their gentle yet profound qualities.

Flower essences are liquid plant preparations that are made by infusing a fresh flower blossom under very specific conditions to create a potentized flower extract. The bach flower essences are remedies made from the extracts of flowering plants, including the roots, bark, leaves and most commonly the flowers themselves. They work to balance the emotional status and assist the flow of positive energy.

At a time when plants are blooming, nature is said to be in its peak radiance and highest vibration. The essences are prepared using native flowers found growing in different regions around the world in their natural environments. Once gently prepared, the healing properties of the flowers are used to assist people and animals in balancing their wellbeing and harmonising their physical, mental and emotional energies.images-4

All of the 38 original remedies developed by Dr. Bach are still in existence today. In fact there are now hundreds of flower essences available as single essences. Of these, the Australian Bush Flower Essences have grown in popularity, as they are known for their strength and vitality.

Some flower remedies work rapidly showing results in hours, whereas others may take weeks. Often I find the remedies work in a subtle way and can sometimes elude us because of their gentle aligning capacity. What I mean by this is I often notice clients who have forgotten the original problem by the end of a course of treatment, because everything is simply normal and harmonious again!

Image PreviewRemedies may be taken up to several times a day as recommended by the practitioner. Bush Flower Emergency Essence and Bach Flower Rescue Remedy can be given to your horse on a needs basis, after a trauma or injury. But generally most essences are given for a week or longer, two weeks being the most common.

So when would I consider using the essences on my horse?

Uses and Benefits:

Flower essences are used for providing clarity and calm and help to assist in trauma and the processing of emotions. The philosophy and aim of flower essences is to provide a harmonious interaction between one’s mental and physical bodies.

Flower Essences can be beneficial for a range of emotional issues such as fear, aggression, anxiety, depression and over-excitement in horses. They have also been shown to be helpful to assist both horse and owner during times of transition, loss and adjustment to new situations.

The essences work to nourish the energetic systems of the body and mind. According to Dr Bach, (the founder of European flower essences), flower remedies can help to overcome any underlying emotional problems which may be manifesting as physical symptoms. So using the essences to balance a physical ailment is useful when you think the problem may have arisen due to an emotional imbalance.


Essences are most effective when applied into the mouth, in drinking water or on a hard treat. They can also be applied onto the coat or into the horse’s feed. The flower essences can be used in your horse’s daily care program (1 to 3 times daily), or used as a training or behavior adjunct (1 hour before needed).

It is useful to note that the ‘rhythmic’ use of the remedies aids in the strength of their actions. What this means is the potency is increased by using them on a more frequent and consistent basis, not by using more drops at a time. Dosage is generally dependant on the application used and also varies according to the remedy. As a general guide the Australian Bush Flower Remedies recommend a standard of 7 drops, two times per day in mouth, water or on coat.

As Flower Essences are based upon vibrational energies, they have no direct impact upon the body’s biochemistry. They are non-habit forming, non-toxic remedies. There are no contraindications to any healing modalities or drug protocols. Flower Essences are safe to use during competition. Supporting your horse’s emotional wellbeing is an important aspect of increasing their health and longevity. A horse that is well nourished emotionally will be happy and content will bring you great joy and partnership!

To read Zoe’s Blog & find out more about her personal story what she does to promote & practise Natural Horse Care please visit:

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