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Equine Massage – Anna’s Story

I often get asked exactly how I became an Equine Massage Therapist. I have known that I wanted to work with horses for as long as I can remember. Originally I was convinced I wanted to become a veterinarian. I was in the Agricultural Sciences program at UBC and volunteering with veterinarians. This led to the realization that typically horses are not very happy to see the vet. Also, as a vet, you do not typically get to see your clients in very positive situations. Overall, this experience made me realize that while I have a tremendous amount of respect for vets, this was not a career path for me. I was on the search for another career where I could help horses, but in a way that they enjoyed. This was only nine years ago, but there really were not many alternative therapists out there to get any advice from. I eventually found the website for the D’Arcy Lane Institute in London, Ontario. It is an equine massage therapy program based on the human massage therapy program based at the same school. Both programs are held in the same building (the equine students go to local barns to practice massage techniques). At two years and 2200 hours long, it was the most intensive and thorough program I could find anywhere. I applied right away, moved to Ontario that fall, graduated in 2004 and returned to the Lower Mainland where I have been massaging since.

Anna’s Bio

Anna Drygalski is a Registered Equine Massage Therapist who attended the two year, full time, 2200 hour Equine Massage Therapy program at the D’Arcy Lane Institute in London, Ontario. She graduated in 2004 with an award for excellence in achievement. Anna then returned to the Lower Mainland where she has been massaging horses in all facets of the equine industry. For more information on Anna and her work please check out her website:

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