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Equine Massage- Anna’s Story Pt 2

So why would someone get their horse massaged? I routinely work on a huge range of horses. Some are retired and their owners do their best ot keep them comfortable. While massage cannot alleviate the joint pain associated with arthritis, it can definitely decrease the muscle tension that eventually develops due to chronic conditions. Some horses are coming back from an injury and the massages are part of a rehabilitative process (with attending veterinarian’s permission and guidance). In these situations the massages help speed up healing, as well as decrease adhesions and prevent compensatory issues before they start. More and more people look to massage as a natural way to enhance performance. Horses are often more supple and use their bodies better following a massage which gives competitors an edge over the rest of the field. These maintenance massages are also a way to help prevent some injuries. When horses are massaged on a regular basis, I can often tell when there are small changes before there is an apparent lameness. I often recommend that someone check their saddle fit, consult a chiropractor or alter their training program just slightly to prevent a much bigger program from occurring.

One thing no massage therapist should ever do is diagnose a problem. We assess areas of tension, atrophy, etc, but that is all. If you have a lame horse – your first call should always be to your veterinarian. Once they diagnose your horse, then a massage might be in order, but the massage therapist needs to communicate with the vet before treatment should begin.

Anna’s Bio

Anna Drygalski is a Registered Equine Massage Therapist who attended the two year, full time, 2200 hour Equine Massage Therapy program at the D’Arcy Lane Institute in London, Ontario. She graduated in 2004 with an award for excellence in achievement. Anna then returned to the Lower Mainland where she has been massaging horses in all facets of the equine industry. For more information on Anna and her work please check out her website:

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