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Aromatherapy for Horses

by Yvonne Allen

A horse inhales oils from Yvonne's hand

Essential Oils are one of the world’s most powerful natural medicines. These life giving oils have been utilized for thousands of years to enhance well being and to treat serious health conditions. Each Essential Oil is distinctively different with is own characteristics and personality. For centuries the ancient people knew of the healing power of therapeutic oils. It has only been the past two decades that scientists and researchers have been looking into the molecular structures of essential oils and identifying that some of these molecules fight cancer; modulate the immune system; regulate blood glucose; modulate hormones and reduce inflammation that causes pain. Essential Oils are often used in conjunction with other forms of natural healing such as with herbs, homeopathics and massage.

Essential Oils have been used very successfully with both large and small animals. Animals generally respond to Essential Oils much the same way that humans do. Horses are very sensitive to smell; smell aids in the detection of predators, recognizing locations, is important in the selection of food, supplements and medicine as well assists in the bonding of the mother and her foal. Instinctively horses will smell with one nostril which connects to one side of the brain and if it interests them, they will then smell with both nostrils which connects the scent to the other side of the brain. If a horse accepts the scent of an oil, they will often prefer to delight in the aroma, foregoing any other feed or treats that may be available to them. Some horses will lick the oils directly off the hands of the giver.

On Friday we will talk about some specific oils & their uses as well as dosages & guidelines for use.

Visit Yvonne’s website for more information about the therapies she offers for horses.

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